Alert icon. If you are using OCLC WorldCat to send interlibrary loan requests, you should begin now to make plans to transition to WorldShare.

As of April 14, 2014 you will no longer be able to create new requests in WorldCat Resource Sharing. Access to WorldCat Resource Sharing on FirstSearch will end May 19, 2014.

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Referring to Minitex Using OCLC Worldcat Resource Sharing

  • Use the symbol "MII" to refer requests to Minitex.
  • Please do not use "MNU" – this code is reserved for use by libraries that are not part of the Minitex network.
  • Minitex will access locations based on the number of times you list us in the lender's string. Each time you list MII, we will have four days to work on your request.
  • Your need-by date should correspond to the number of days you have put Minitex in your lending string on Worldcat Resource Sharing.

Example: If you list "MII" one time, we will have time to check University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus libraries only, and you should indicate a "need-by date" of four days from today's date. If you list "MII" three times, we will refer the request to appropriate locations that are able to fill the request in 12 days.

Verification Using Worldcat

Although bibliographic verification is no longer required on the requests you send to Minitex, you can speed the processing of your patrons' requests in our office if you choose to provide Minitex locations in the correct order on your request. Your library may want to set up the Custom Holdings feature on Worldcat Resource Sharing to make it easier to identify the Minitex referral priorities.

If you have any questions about using OCLC to refer requests to Minitex, please contact Raquel Franklin (for information on a specific request, "need-by" dates, or status checks), Agnes Lee (when switching to Worldcat Resource Sharing to transmit requests from another method of request transmission), or Carol Nelson (general questions about use of Worldcat Resource Sharing or Custom Holdings.)

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Resource Sharing News keeps readers up-to-date about interlibrary loan activities in the Minitex region.


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