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Limiting Referral Locations

Libraries can request special handling of their requests by asking Minitex to limit the locations to which the request will be referred. There are several options for limiting your request which are described below.

Campus Only

Minitex staff will search only University of Minnesota campus libraries and Minneapolis Public library. You need only to provide the campus locations and a "need by" date of at least 2 days.

Directed Referral

For "Directed Referrals," Minitex staff will continue to check University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus Libraries and Minneapolis Public Library, in addition to only those other locations we can access within your "need by" date. This gives you the ability to decide exactly how many referrals Minitex should make for your request.

The locations we access will continue to be prioritized in the order we believe to be the most cost effective and efficient. For instance, we will not refer to Wisconsin WiLS libraries (a more time consuming and expensive option than using libraries in our region) before a Minnesota library.

How to Use These Options

Type the words Campus Only or Directed Referral (and the desired locations), in a "notes," "location," or "verification" field of your request.

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