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Lost Books

Minitex serves as an intermediary between lenders and borrowers whenever an item loaned through Minitex is lost or damaged. Still, you might wonder, "Why do I have to send the check or replacement copy for a lost item to Minitex, and not directly to lender?" The answer is that during any Minitex interlibrary loan transaction, the item appears in our records twice, once as a lender and once as a borrower. We need to update both of the requests on our end, to make sure the lost payment transaction is properly recorded and cleared from our records.

  • Minitex does not own any materials, so the bills you receive are always coming from the lending library.
  • In some cases, a library has to wait for a monthly or quarterly county meeting before a check can be approved for payment.
  • Whenever an item is lost or damaged through interlibrary loan, the borrower is always responsible for the replacement costs. Keeping that in mind, make sure that a lender accepts alternate forms of reimbursement, before you, as the borrower, begin the process.
  • You can send your invoice or bill via email to:
  • Some libraries accept replacement copies (If your libary would like to use this option, you must make sure that the edition you purchase is acceptable to the lender) for a lost item. In most cases there is still a processing fee.
  • If a replacement copy is acceptable and able to be located, Minitex staff is willing to help. We can purchase the replacement copy on your behalf and deduct the expense from your OCLC account. (Or, we can also accept credit card payment.)
  • Some lending libraries are now accepting credit card payments for lost books.
  • If the borrowing and lending libraries both have an OCLC account and it is agreeable to both parties, Minitex can deduct the cost of replacement from the borrowers OCLC account and transfer that amount to the lenders OCLC account.
  • For assistance with lost items, contact Agnes Lee.

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