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Referral Locations

We have developed a list of referral priorities based primarily on turnaround time to our office. This list may be helpful to your library if you are developing referral priorities or Custom Holdings on OCLC. You will need to take into account any local borrowing arrangements and edit the list accordingly.

Minitex Locations

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Libraries of Last Resort

Minitex staff can help you request an item from the Library of Congress, National Library of Medicine, or National Agricultural Library if you have sent a request to all other owning libraries in the United States without a successful fill.

To request a referral to a national library, type the following into the verification field:

  • "Refer to Library of Congress" (or "National Library of Medicine" or "National Agricultural Library")

These requests must have a "need-by" date of at least 4 weeks. Please also let us know from which locations in the United States that your library has already tried to borrow this item.

Library of Congress

Items that may not be borrowed from the Library of Congress:

  • Books that are in print and published within the last 2 years.
  • Reference materials
  • Genealogical materials
  • Sheet music, libretti
  • Commercially available dissertations
  • Books published pre 1801
  • Periodicals
  • Microform (unless filmed by the Library of Congress, and then only selectively)
  • Local history (call numbers: F below 1000)
  • Audio-visual materials
  • Any book that is still available from the publisher

National Library of Medicine

National Agricultural Library

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