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Genealogical Requests

Tips for Submitting Genealogical Requests

  • Genealogical materials usually do not circulate; however, we may be able to photocopy sections from a family history, ship's passenger list, or other genealogical material.
  • Please submit a request for a copy of the "table of contents" if your patron is not sure what they need to have copied. After reviewing the "table of contents," the patron may select the sections of the material they wish to have copied. Remember to include a copyright compliance of CCG or CCL, even when the copy request is for pages of a book.
  • If requesting a copy of a section of a book, please be as specific as possible about the information that is needed. Providing name(s) with alternate spellings, dates of birth and/or death, spouses names, and geographical information can greatly assist in making sure we understand what your patron wants.
  • If your public library has access to Ancestry (includes U.S. federal census) or Heritage Quest Online U. S. federal census and 22,000 family, county and local history books online) have your patron check for books or census here first before requesting the item.
  • One way to find obituataries is to request a loan of the newspaper microfilm from around the time the person of interest died. Most libraries will not search for obituaries.
  • For plat maps or atlases, provide the township that is needed, as these are usually non-circulating.

Useful Online Resources for Genealogy

  • University of Minnesota
    Loans genealogical materials through Minitex. There is a limit of 6 reels of microfilm per request and 10 reels per patron total. Certain materials, such as census microfilms and other reference items are non-circulating, however, Minitex can often make copies of a few pages.
  • University of Minnesota Map Library
    Accessible through Minitex. Any map acquired before 1986 will not appear in the U of M library's catalog. Plat maps and atlases are non-circulating so please indicate on request which township or name should be copied.
  • University of Minnesota Immigration History Research Center
    A non-circulating collection, however we may be able to make copies of certain materials, many of which are not in the U of M library's catalog.
  • ELM (eLibrary Minnesota)
    Includes ProQuest Newsstand Complete which has access to over 673 newspapers with over 350 in full text. Date varies for each newspaper. This may be helpful for locating obituaries.
  • Minnesota Historical Society
    A non-circulating library. You will find many resources available online, including full text items, through the library's website. In certain situations, Minitex may be able to fill photocopy requests or loan microfilm when duplicate negative reels are owned. Minitex is not allowed to make copies of birth or death certificates, however, patrons can request these directly from MHS at a cost of $9.00. See the library's website for more information.
  • Iron Range Resource Center
    Not accessible to Minitex.
  • State Historical Society of North Dakota
    Not accessible to Minitex, though your patrons can request items from this library directly, for a fee.
  • South Dakota State Historical Society
    Not accessible to Minitex, however, you may request materials directly, for a fee.
  • Wisconsin Historical Society and Archives
    Minitex has access to certain circulating items from this collection. You will also find links to other full text and online resources on the webiste.
  • Google Books
  • FamilySearch
    The LDS collection has genealogy microfilms (2 million) available for loan to libraries at $5.50 reel for a one-month loan. See the website for details.
  • Making of America
    Includes War of the Rebellion: a compilation of the official records of the Union and confederate armies, 70 volumes.
  • California State Library
  • Midwest Genealogy Center
    Based in Independence, Missouri.
  • Managing Genealogy Requests Adobe PDF Icon (PDF; 59 KB)
    A PDF document with much more detailed information about lending policies for each of the libraries listed above.

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