bibliotheca + 3M Library Security Systems

How to Order

For information about ordering bibliotheca + 3M Library Security Systems or any other accessories, or to set up a visit from your bibliotheca + 3M representative, contact Tim Peters at the Minitex office.

You may also find detailed information about select bibliotheca + 3M Library Security Systems at the Shop Minitex website.

Product Highlights

bibliotheca + 3M detection systems help ensure that no materials leave the library without being checked out. They are safe for magnetic media, comply with the ADA, have audible/visible alarms and can be combined with bibliotheca + 3M™ Voice Alarm and/or bibliotheca + 3M™ Video Security Systems.

Minitex Pricing

Contact Tim Peters at Minitex for current Library Security System prices.

Contact Information

Minitex Contact

Tim Peters
Wilson Library, Room 60
309 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Toll Free: 800-462-5348
Phone: 612-625-9527
Fax: 612-625-3569

Vendor Contact

Karen Lee
bibliotheca + 3M Representative
Phone: 651-733-0960


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