Stephen Abram – Catching the Vision: The Library in 2020

Area libraries, library organizations, and Minitex collaborated to bring Stephen Abram, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Markets for Gale Cengage, to Fargo/Moorhead and Sioux Falls during October 2010. Abram, an international speaker on library issues, presented "Catching the Vision: The Library in 2020" in Fargo/Moorhead on October 19 and Sioux Falls on October 20.

The Sioux Falls presentation was taped and links appear below. The afternoon session in Fargo/Moorhead included an open focus group with library users. During the afternoon session in Sioux Falls, Abrams presented "Advocacy for Libraries: In Our Own Interest (And Our Communities)." This second presentation was not taped.


Watch the presentation using the built-in video player below or download the file to play in iPod/iTunes (.m4v) or Windows Media Player (.wmv).

Stephen Abram – Catching the Vision: The Library in 2020

Presentation Slides

Slides from Abram's presentations are available at his Stephen's Lighthouse blog.

A Note from Bill DeJohn

In my personal opinion, you will get more out of the video presentation because of the information Abram presents along with his slides. However, it is a two and a half hour presentation. My suggestion is for library administrators to view the first 15-20 minutes of the video presentation and decide how they would like to share it with staff. He does bring up several issues that lend themselves to staff development and discussion about the future of library services.