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16th Annual ILL Conference: May 7, 2007

Screenshot of Roy Tennant's Presentation.

Roy Tennant provided the keynote presentation, "Tips for Effective Technology Change Agents."

Roy Tennant provided the keynote, "Tips for Effective Technology Change Agents," as well as his overview of "Top Technologies & Trends and What To Do About Them" for more than 90 staff members from libraries throughout the Minitex region. Tennant, formerly User Services Architect for the California Digital Library and now Senior Programs Manager, RLG Programs, OCLC Programs and Research, spoke during the morning session.

The afternoon's program included a panel made up of library directors who discussed current trends in interlibrary loan and a presentation by Bill DeJohn during which he looked back over resource sharing developments of the past year and looked forward to Fiscal Year 2008.

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