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ELM Usage Statistics


A web-based usage statistics system is available for all subscribers to Britannica Online. The statistics reporting does adhere to the guidelines set forth by the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC).

Statistics can be gathered on a daily, monthly, yearly, or since subscription commencement for any single library, or all libraries that are subscribing. Statistics can be reported as granular as the IPs that are provided, or for each username and password assigned. Consortia can view all of the stats for each library or system, but individual libraries or systems will only be able to view their own stats.

Britannica will issue usernames and passwords for subscribing institutions to access their stats reports at any time over the web. Britannica also provides a button that allows subscribers to easily download their stats report into an easy-to-use spreadsheet format.

The site displays daily and running totals of the numbers of Britannica URLs accessed as Queries (all keyword searches, advanced searches, media browse, primary source browse, learning materials browse, etc.), Documents (all text-based resources, including but not limited to encyclopedia articles, year-in-review articles, primary source articles and eBooks, journal, and magazine articles, text-based learning materials, etc.), Media (All multimedia, including video clips, extended play videos, audio files, photos, illustrations, maps, interactive timelines, multimedia lessons, etc.), Hits (tracks total server calls, the broadest category of use, from an institutional account), and Sessions (calculated by counting the temporary cookies set for each browser session. The cookie is deleted after 30 minutes of inactivity or when the browser is closed.)

Complete instructions on generating reports can also be found at the Britannica usage statistics website. Usage statistics are available for the IP addresses specified by the institution or by the username/password assigned in the Britannica cookie-based authentication.

If you need your username and password, contact Britannica customer support at


To access your EBSCO usage reports, go to the EBSCO Administrative Module and enter your customer ID and password. If you need your customer ID and password, contact EBSCO Technical Support at 1-800-758-5995 or

Once logged in, click on the "Standard Reports" tab near top of page to generate usage statistics reports for EBSCO databases.

EBSCOadmin automatically collects usage statistics on EBSCOhost usage within your library system or consortium. They can be used to measure how often titles and databases are searched.

Title, database, session, and link activity statistics can be collected for specific time periods (monthly or annually), limited to a specific data field, and sorted. These reports can be viewed or emailed in HTML, Tab Delimited, or Comma Delimited format.


To access your Gale usage reports, go to the Gale Administrative Module and enter your customer ID (which is your library's location ID) and password. If you need your customer ID and password, contact Gale Technical Support at 1-800-877-4253, option 4 or email You may also find your library's location ID on the Gale website.


Access to detailed usage statistics for your account is available at the LearningExpress Usage Reports site. All reports can be printed, saved, and downloaded into Excel.

To access the site, you must register first with an access code specific to your institution. Contact LearningExpress at to obtain your access code.

Your access code may be shared by up to 10 individuals at your institution.

After registering, login to the LearningExpress Usage Reports site to obtain your institution's usage statistics.


To access your OCLC usage reports, login to the OCLC Usage Statistics service using your library's nine-digit FirstSearch authorization number and administrative password. If you need your authorization number and password, contact OCLC Customer Support at 1-614-793-8682 or 1-800-848-5800 or email

Monthly reports are included for individual accounts. Each month, OCLC adds another month to the statistics service. After the service includes 25 months of reports, OCLC will remove the earliest month when adding a new month. Thus, the service always includes the latest 25 months of reports.

Overview reports combine data for all databases, including the number of sessions, searches, and full-text documents used. They also provide data about the actual number of simultaneous users of the account. Other reports provide data about each database, including the number of searches and full-text documents used.


To access your ProQuest usage reports, go to the ProQuest Administrative Module and enter your username and password. If you need your username and password, contact ProQuest Customer Service at 1-800-889-3358 or email for this information or to set up a Local Administrator account if there is not one already set up for your library.

Once you are logged in, click on the "Usage Reports" tab in the left hand menu and then "Request Usage Reports" in the middle of the page to generate usage statistics reports for ProQuest databases.

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