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Product Highlights

American National Biography

American National Biography contains biographies of more than 18,700 men and women from all eras and walks of life who have influenced American history and culture. Users will find biographies of well-known and obscure people as well as the famous and infamous.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

The Dictionary of National Biography provides access to 57,000 biographies of people who shaped the history of the British Isles and beyond, from the earliest times to the year 2007.

Oxford English Dictionary

For more than a century the Oxford English Dictionary has been the undisputed last word on the history and development of the English language. But language is constantly evolving, and there has been an explosion of new words, forms of usage and meanings in English throughout the world since the original publication of the OED in 1928.

  • Searches all 20 volumes of the print edition plus the three-volume Additions Series.
  • Find a term when you know the meaning but have forgotten the word.
  • Find words that have come into English via a particular language.
  • Search for quotations from a specified year.
  • Search for all quotations from a particular author and/or work.
  • Display entries according to your needs – turn pronunciation, etymologies, variant spellings and quotations on and off.
  • Access to at least 1,000 new and revised words each quarter.
  • Compare revised entries with entries from the Second Edition to see how language has changed and how new scholarship has increased understanding of our linguistic and cultural heritage.

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online

The innovative Oxford Language Dictionaries Online site offers essential language resources never before available online: fully searchable, completely comprehensive bilingual dictionaries, and unique study materials that provide extra help with learning and using an expanding range of languages.

Oxford Reference Online

Oxford Reference Online provides fully integrated cross-researchable access to nearly 50,00 entries from the engaging and authoritative Oxford Companions and an additional 20,000 entries from the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. And exclusive to Premium subscribers, improved search functions for quick and easy retrieval of short and long subject reference entries, bilingual dictionaries, English dictionaries and quotations and proverbs.

Oxford Reference Online: Western Civilization Subject Cluster

Enhance your collection of online history reference materials by adding the Western Civilization Subject Cluster to your Oxford Reference Online: Premium Collection subscription. Available by annual subscription only to Premium Collection customers, the Western Civilization Subject Cluster includes these award-winning titles:

  • The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium
  • Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages
  • The Oxford Dictionary of the Renaissance
  • The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation
  • The Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment
  • The Oxford Dictionary of the Classical World

Oxford Scholarship Online

Oxford Scholarship Online consists of four modules covering the following disciplines: Philosophy, Religion, Political Science and Economics & Finance. Each module contains the full texts of approximately 250 carefully selected titles from the core backlist in that discipline. The selected titles have been chosen, reviewed and approved by scholars widely acknowledged as experts in the respective disciplines.

Grove Art Online

Grove Art Online provides web access to the entire text of The Dictionary of Art (1996, 34 vols.) with constant additions of new material and updates to the text, plus extensive image links and all the sophisticated search advantages possible with an online reference source.

Grove Music Online

Grove Music Online offers a dynamic research tool combining the full text of the 29-volume print edition with the added benefit of sophisticated search capabilities, one-click cross-referencing and an ever increasing network of web-links to musical sites around the world. now includes the full texts of The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2nd edition (2001), The New Grove Dictionary of Opera, (1992), and The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, 2nd edition (2002), as well as numerous subsequent updates and emendations.


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