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New York Times

Product Highlights

Minitex, in partnership with the Center for Research Libraries which has put this offer in place, is pleased to announce a campus-wide subscription offer to the New York Times online for academic libraries.

The online version of The Times, is the most comprehensive existing aggregation of information and content created and published by The New York Times. The site includes all articles, features, interviews, obituaries, columns, and still image, audio, video, and data, text and multimedia published on the site since the site's launch in 1996, with the exception of crosswords and some syndicated materials. It also includes a growing amount of text content published in the print edition of The New York Times between its founding in 1851 and the present day.

Subscription Options

Three subscription options are available:

  • Group Subscription: Under this option an institution can enroll a subset of its entire student/faculty population; the institution supplies a list of the names, email addresses, and status of all individuals to be included in the subscription, and updates the list with NYT as names and addresses change. This is the most flexible option.
  • Academic Pass with Email Domain: Subscription under this option normally covers the entire faculty and student population covered by the institution's email domain. The institution provides the NYT domain information, which is used to authenticate eligible users. (An institution's subscription can also be limited to clearly defined campus subgroups that are identifiable by email domain, e.g., "medicine.[name of institution].edu.") Users then register themselves, providing the NYT their names and email addresses.
  • Academic Pass with IP Range: Subscription under this option normally covers only the entire faculty and student population. Eligible users are authenticated by subscribing institution IP address ranges rather than by email domain. At the time of first access, the user must initially register with the NYT through an on-campus server, providing NYT his/her name and email address. (The NYT does not currently recognize off-campus access via proxy servers. They have agreed to revisit the proxy server matter in the future.)


Librarians will be offered a 2-week trial to experience the site. All trials are set up as a group subscription; there are no campus-wide trials.

Minitex Pricing

Subscriptions will run on a calendar-year cycle, with pricing currently based on FTE of students AND faculty with a range from $1.60/FTE to $3.99/FTE with the possibility of higher pricing if the U.S.-wide target of 200,000 FTE is not met. The NYT and CRL are requesting a commitment before April 1, 2014 to pro-rate into the 2014 subscription year. However, pro-rating in later in the year will also be possible. Contact Minitex to get pricing for your institution.

License Agreements (Terms & Conditions)

The NYT commits to a clearly defined set of practices with regard to the privacy of users and the sharing of user information. NYT privacy practices and controls are described in its Privacy Policy.

For more information on the NYT terms of service and permitted uses, please see the CRL review.

How to Order or Renew

To order or renew, please contact Minitex.

Technical Support

To report a technical issue, email the New York Times tech team and include as much detail as possible.


The New York Times is working on usage reports for academic institutions with input from the CRL.

Contact Information

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