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Mango Languages

Product Highlights

Mango is the most popular online language learning solution for libraries in the United States; it currently serves over 3000 libraries. Mango Languages teaches practical conversation and cultural awareness for the world's most popular languages.

With a variety of product formats and multiple learning levels, Mango makes it easy for library users to learn a language how, when, and where they want. Mango's Intuitive Language Construction methodology is designed to teach practical conversation and simulate the way people learn when immersed in a foreign culture; you can learn more about the methodology here.

Mango offers over 40 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, Hindi, Spanish, Russian, and Thai as well as over 15 languages for English Language Learners including English for Spanish Speakers, English for Vietnamese Speakers, and English for Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) Speakers.

Mango also has a site called Mango Market that allows libraries to customize promotional material, click and print or ship; order swag items; and find fantastic graphics for websites and social media postings.


A trial can be activated at any time and is valid for 30 days. You can request a trial here.

Minitex Pricing

Mango's pricing structure is based upon the size and usage requirements of the subscribing library's community. Please contact Minitex for pricing.

License Agreements (Terms & Conditions)

At the time your library subscribes to Mango Languages, Mango will complete a customized set of terms for your library.

How to Order or Renew

Please complete the online order/renewal form. New subscribers will need to work with Mango to complete the Terms.

Technical Support


Mango offers statistics through the Mango Administration Portal (MAP) via an administrative account you can create by contacting their customer support.

Contact Information

Minitex Contact

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Toll Free: 800-462-5348
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Vendor Contact

Academic and K12 Libraries

Andrea Salinas
Phone: 877-626-4611, ext. 853
Fax: 248-479-1690

Public Libraries

David Degrandchamp
Phone: 248-254-7450, ext. 816
Fax: 248-254-7426


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