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Getting Help

Extensive online support information may be found on the EBSCO website, including a form for personalized customer support. Please provide a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing.

EBSCOhost Authentication Requirements

Authentication is the means by which EBSCO matches library users with the eBook collections of their libraries. There are two ways that users can authenticate to these collections: IP address and/or a secure referring URL. In order to minimize confusion, the library contact should consult with their technical IT staff to decide the best authentication method to use.

IP Authentication

You will need to provide EBSCO with the IP addresses for all computers that will need to access your eBook Collection. Please include branch, campus and remote site IP addresses as well.

If you are using a proxy server or firewall to access the Internet, you will need to provide EBSCO with each of these IP addresses. These devices usually expose only one IP address to the Internet.

IP address ranges entered must be in the following format: x.x.x.x (where "x" is a numeric value from 1 to 254). If a value is left blank then the range between 1 and 254 is assumed in its place. For example; 192.168.34. would include the following range: - Please include the dot at the end of the range.

Private IP addresses that begin with 10.x.x.x, 172.16.0-31.x, and 192.168.x.x are not valid on the Internet, and thus should not be provided to EBSCO.

Referring URL

Referring URL is a method of authentication whereby your library places a hyperlink to http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=url&profile=ehost&defaultdb=nlebk on your website. When working in the library, users will be forwarded to the EBSCO eBook Collection website when they click on this link.

Upon arrival at the site, EBSCO can read the referring URL field (automatically embedded in the request) and authenticate that user or patron to the proper library and eBook collection. This method of authentication is usually preferable if you do not have unique IP addresses.

  • You may set up your online catalog to be recognized as a referring URL. Every EBSCO eBook Collection MARC record has an 856 field to hold the static URL for the bibliographic page, allowing easy access to eBooks from the OPAC.

Remote Access

EBSCO eBook Collection is able to work with a library's existing RPA (Remote Patron Authentication) or proxy server system to provide remote access.

eBook Checkout Period

There is no checkout period unless your library has purchased the Adobe Content Server to allow downloading of eBooks; but, only one user is allowed per title, unless a library has purchased three or unlimited user options for a title. Users must remain active in the eBook (clicking) at least once every fifteen minutes. If there is no activity in fifteen minutes, the eBook will time out.

The publicly accessible eBooks (3,405 titles) have unlimited access.


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