EBSCO eBook Collection Statistics & Reports

EBSCO provides libraries with volumes of aggregate usage data—information that is simply not available from traditional circulation reports. Usage data provides cumulative browse and checkout uses of the eBooks. This data can help libraries adjust collection development decisions for both electronic and paper titles. Usage data is aggregated at the account and collection level and is not user specific.

Reports Available via EBSCOadmin

Usage Reports are

  • COUNTER compliant
  • Activity by Title

Collection Development Reports

  • Owned eBooks, etc.

Usage Statistics

To access EBSCO usage statistics, visit EBSCOadmin.

How to Access Usage Statistics via EBSCOadmin

  • EBSCOadmin website
  • Login in with your username and password.
  • Click on the "Reports & Statistics" tab
  • Select the options you desire for your report


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