What Does _____(YOUR)_____ Library Accomplish?

Minitex staff visit Gould Library, Carleton College - Northfield, MN.

Minitex staff visit Gould Library, Carleton College - Northfield, MN.

I recommend that all types of libraries—academic, public, school, and special—look at an analysis of library services provided by Jerry Baldwin, MN Department of Transportation Library. Jerry poses the question of what the MnDOT Library accomplishes—and answers it with facts, figures, and detailed analysis that could serve as models for libraries of all types.

As Jerry says, the staff of the Mn/DOT library work to "provide information to Mn/DOT employees faster, better and cheaper than they can for themselves."

He goes into some depth and provides cost savings for reference services, document delivery, and routing services with total savings and avoided costs. If you want to quibble with his cost figures, then substitute your own! He also discusses benefits and return-on-investment, which is quite strong in the business world and is being requested by more public service administrators and legislators during these tight budget periods. (Jerry's document was written in Dec. 2001.)

I strongly recommend a study of this document to see what parts might be used to provide greater understanding to your funding and administrative authorities about your library service program.

Bill DeJohn

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