Many of our publications are available in print and electronic formats.

Many of our publications are available in print and electronic formats.

We have several communication methods to provide information about our products and services.

  • Listservs
    Subscribe to our listservs to receive timely information about Minitex news and events.
  • From the Director
    News, articles, and other messages from Minitex Director Valerie Horton and former Director Bill DeJohn.
  • Minitex Minutes
    A YouTube video series that highlights the services we offer to the community.
  • Minitex MESSENGER
    An occasional newsletter containing information about all areas of Minitex activities.
  • Minitex E-NEWS
    A monthly report on Minitex activities and programs that includes brief articles with links to more in-depth information when appropriate.
  • CPERS Blog
    Get the product and vendor news you need to manage your library products and electronic resources.
  • Digital Initiatives & Metadata Review
    A monthly publication providing information to staff working in the areas of cataloging & metadata, digitization, and digital preservation.
  • Reference Notes
    A monthly publication containing information about activities of the Minitex Reference Outreach & Instruction staff, information about forums and seminars of interest to reference librarians, and hints and helps for reference staffs in Minitex libraries.
  • Resource Sharing News
    Published occasionally to keep readers up-to-date about interlibrary loan activities in the Minitex region.
  • Logos & Images
    Logos and images related to our products and services.

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