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Minnesota Library Access Center (MLAC) Advisory Board

Minitex Delivery work area.

Minitex Delivery work area.

The MLAC Advisory Board is charged with developing guidelines and providing the vision for the Minnesota Library Access Center.

Storage Facility or Shared Print Archive?

Evaluation of Minnesota Library Access Center, future scenarios, and recommendations for a strategic plan (April 15, 2011)

The Minnesota Library Access Center (MLAC) – which has provided high density storage for important, but little used items owned by Minnesota libraries since 2000 – is 89% full. In Fall 2010, MLAC's Advisory Board charged an Evaluation Task Force led by consultant Sam Demas with preparing a report to guide the Board's exploration of strategic directions for the future of MLAC. This report explicates the current status and environment of library storage facilities nationwide, describes current trends relevant to these facilities, and lists three possible scenarios for the MLAC.

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