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Best Practices for Paperwork

Written by the Minitex/MnLINK ILL Committee.

Best Practices for Lenders

  • Lender should keep paperwork to a minimum.
  • Fold the request with the borrowing request number and barcode information visible when sending item.
  • If multiple volumes are sent to fill one request. Either rubber-band the volumes together or enclose a copy of request in each volume sent.

Best Practices for Borrowers

  • When returning item, include a copy of request or bookmark/paperwork sent by lender.

Results of the 2009 Best Practices Survey conducted by the Minitex/MnLINK ILL Committee

There were many comments about paperwork in the survey. Because the VDX reports (pick list, ship list, etc.) are now more configurable than in the past, the Minitex/MnLINK staff is working on making changes to these documents based on dialogue with ILL staff using VDX and on the results of the 2009 Best Practices survey. Here are representative comments from the 2009 Survey:

  • Seems like there is a lot of unnecessary paperwork to keep track of.
  • Make sure some kind of paperwork comes back with the item identifying it as an ILL.
  • Could we eliminate the tan VDX slips and just use the white paper like Minitex does and somehow incorporate the send to and return to on the back?
  • Returning paperwork or at least the lender's VDX # with each item.
  • Use the routing slip provided by MELSA or pre-print them.
  • Keep folding of VDX slip to minimum.
  • Folding paperwork into thirds with borrower info on outside of paperwork.
  • Print standard pick list on half sheet legal size paper and as a courtesy tri-fold so that requester request # is on top.
  • When returning an item, make sure that the lender request number is folded on the outside and not the inside where we have to take the time to unfold the paperwork to find the number when checking in.

Minitex/MnLINK ILL Committee statement on Paperwork and Data Privacy:

While some paperwork can be reused or recycled, other paperwork should be shredded and destroyed. Any paperwork that contains information linking patrons to information should be destroyed. Examples of this paperwork include overdue materials notices and records, interlibrary loan requests, photocopy requests, and any print copies of request slips for materials. Along with interlibrary loan paperwork, any paperwork containing patron data considered private under Minnesota Statutes 13.40 should also be shredded, like applications for borrower cards.

Rev Dec 2010

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