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Minitex/MnLINK Interlibrary Loan Committee Charge


In support of the vision statement adopted by the Library Planning Task Force, we will work towards facilitating improved resource sharing throughout Minnesota by addressing the following objectives:

  • Monitor resource-sharing options that are currently available and in development (for example: Occam's reader).
  • Provide resources for library staff so that they may maintain an awareness of social and technological trends in resource sharing.
  • Develop recommendations and expectations regarding operational procedures and policies.
  • Consider the issues surrounding the sharing of electronic and physical resources, such as licensing, copyright, delivery, access, cost, patron privacy, and environmental impact in making recommendations for ILL services and best practices.
  • Communicate and coordinate with other groups and stakeholders as appropriate.
  • Alert the appropriate stakeholders of issues that are outside this group's responsibility.


  • Share and communicate about the committee's work with the library community.
  • Explore, discuss, and make recommendations on resource sharing policies affecting libraries in Minnesota.
  • Advise and make recommendations on the use, configuration, and interconnections of resource sharing systems used by Minitex and MnLINK Gateway libraries.
  • Facilitate communication of best practices for resource sharing and other options.
  • Explore the needs and new options available for delivery of resources in our changing environment.
  • Determine what issues are outside the purview of the Committee and to be addressed by other groups.


The Minitex/MnLINK Interlibrary Loan Committee is composed of members drawn from interlibrary loan staff and public service personnel including those with interlibrary loan experience from Gateway Server Site Libraries and Minitex participating libraries. All types of libraries are represented on the Committee.


Reports and recommendations of the Minitex/MnLINK Interlibrary Loan Committee will be presented to the Minitex Director. It is expected that this group will coordinate its activities with already existing groups such as:

  • Minitex in the area of resource sharing and document delivery.
  • MnLINK Gateway Libraries.
  • Academic libraries, State Government libraries, Regional Public Library Systems, Metro area public libraries, MnPALS libraries, and Multitype-Multicounty Library Systems in areas related to local delivery and protocols.

The Minitex/MnLINK Interlibrary Loan Committee is advisory to the Minitex Office, the Minitex Policy Advisory Council, and the MNLINK Operations Committee.

The Minitex/MnLINK Interlibrary Loan Committee organizes itself and is chaired by the Minitex Associate Director. Frequency and location of meetings are determined by the Committee. Reports and other work of the committee will be shared widely via mailing lists, websites, and social media.


All people in Minnesota will have access to a wide array of high quality library services and global information resources in a range of formats whenever, wherever, and however the information services are needed. —Library Planning Task Force Vision Statement, 1995; MnLINK Policy Advisory Committee, 2002.

  • Revised and approved by the MNLINK Operations Committee on Thursday, August 1, 2013.
  • Prior version revised and approved by the MNLINK Operations Committee on Thursday, May 1, 2008.
  • Prior version approved by the MNLINK Operations Committee on June 27, 2003 and the MnLINK Policy Advisory Council on July 24, 2003.

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