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Minitex/MnLINK Transition Task Force

Siouxland Libraries, Oak View Branch - Sioux Falls, SD.

Siouxland Libraries, Oak View Branch - Sioux Falls, SD.

A Task Force, appointed by the Minitex Advisory Committee and the MnLINK Policy Advisory Council, met in January 2005 to discuss the merger of MnLINK leadership and management functions into Minitex. The Task Force's report includes information about its discussions and its recommendations:

1. The Minitex Advisory Committee will become the Minitex Policy Advisory Council and would have three standing committees advising it:

  • MnLINK Technology Advisory Committee
  • MnLINK Gateway Advisory Committee
  • Minitex/MnLINK Interlibrary Loan Subcommittee

2. A representative from the K-12 school media librarian community should be added to the Minitex Policy Advisory Council.

Available Documents

  • Transition Task Force Report Adobe PDF Icon (PDF; 106 KB)
  • Diagram of Minitex Governance Adobe PDF Icon (PDF; 76 KB)
    Learn more about the groups that would advise Minitex and the Minnesota Office of Higher Education about the programs of Minitex under recommendations of the Minitex/MnLINK Transition Task Force. The advisory groups of Minnesota State Library Services, the Minnesota State Library Agency, are shown for information purposes.
  • Statement of Purpose & Composition of the Proposed Minitex Policy Advisory Council Adobe PDF Icon (PDF; 94 KB)
    Describes the purpose, constituent groups and ex officio membership that would make up the Minitex Policy Advisory Council, which was proposed in the January 2005 report of the Minitex/MnLINK Transition Task Force.

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