Contract Cataloging

About Contract Cataloging

Since 1995, Minitex has provided a variety of cataloging services: from eliminating backlogs, to ongoing cataloging, to specialized language and format cataloging. In conjunction with the University of Minnesota Libraries, the Minitex Contract Cataloging Program (MCCP) began as a cooperative venture with the Minnesota State Law Library which had been providing cataloging services to county law libraries since 1983 and continues to provide that service.

The MCCP mission is to contribute supplementary cataloging services and expertise to libraries in the Minitex region in order to support quality cataloging and resource sharing.

Client List

Our clients include small, large, academic, special, agency, and other libraries. Projects cover a variety of services such as ongoing current cataloging, finishing backlogs, and special projects.


Materials are sent to Minitex, cataloged, and returned. A professional cataloger generates copy and original records for your library. This is done for a per-piece fee. If you have questions about the program, or would like a prospectus and price list, please contact us via one of the methods below.

Contact Information

For information on the Minitex Contract Cataloging Program and pricing, please contact:

Lizzy Baus
Contract Cataloging Program
Phone: 612-624-4220


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