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Cataloging & Metadata Communications

Minitex Digital Initiatives & Metadata Education (DIME) provides important announcements and updates related to technical services. Below you will find links to our various print and electronic communications. In addition, you will find links to other useful communication resources from the cataloging community such as electronic discussion lists, blogs, and podcasts.

Minitex Communications

Digital Initiatives & Metadata Review

A monthly publication that includes sections targeted to staff working in the areas of cataloging and metadata, digitization, and digital preservation. You will often find articles about training opportunities, summaries about conferences our staff attend, RDA, and OCLC product and service updates.

Minitex Twitter Account

A very efficient and easy way we update you on topics like general Minitex news and training, and other continuing education opportunities in the region and beyond related to cataloging and all things digital.

Blogs, Videos, Podcasts & News

Electronic Discussion Lists


    Popular discussion list on library cataloging and related subjects like systems, circulation, and physical processing.
  • metadataLibrarians
    A list for metadata professionals on diverse topics such as standards, workflow, and systems.
    Venue for dialogue on cataloging issues, OCLC services and tools, and other topics of interest to the OCLC membership; official announcements from OCLC staff also appear.

Special Interest

    Open only to staff at PCC BIBCO institutions.
    Announcements and discussion on the BIBFRAME initiative, the successor to the MARC21 standard.
    Open only to staff at PCC CONSER institutions.
  • MARC
    Announcements on revisions to the MARC21 standard; occasional discussion also appears.
  • MLA-L
    A discussion forum hosted by the Music Library Association; covers announcements and discussion, including cataloging matters.
  • OLAC-L
    A list for catalogers specializing in audiovisual materials; announcements concerning the Online Audiovisual Catalogers organization (OLAC) also appear.
    For issues relevant to PCC institutions, such as NACO work and broader cataloging matters; official PCC communications also appear from time to time.
  • RDA-L
    Popular list dedicated to conversation on RDA application and implementation, rule interpretations, and other related topics.
    Primarily a channel for PCC catalogers managing the LC subject authority file; an announcement list for revisions made to subject headings, genre/form headings, and classification; conversations on LCSH and other related subject matters also appear irregularly.

Local Interest

  • MnPALS-Discuss
    Discussion on a wide range of MnPALS consortial matters; open to MnPALS and participating library staff.


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